Plastic Surgeries Increase 9% A Year Worldwide According To Isaps Data.

In terms of gender, women continue to be the most frequent consultations of certified plastic surgeons, representing 86.2% of all procedures. Men represent 20% of the demand, beating the world trend. The annual report of the international organization shows that the five surgeries most demanded by patients around the world are breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and abdominoplasty.


The International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) published the latest global figures for cosmetic procedures performed during 2016, showing that the global demand for cosmetic or reconstructive treatments increased by 9%. Additionally, the United States remains the country with the most surgeries.


Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia are also among the eleven countries with the highest demand for procedures. According to the President of the Chilean Society of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Montserrat Fontbona, “due to the proximity, we have with Brazil and Colombia, the techniques of these countries reach Chile first, rather than Europe or the United States.”


Therefore, Chile is not far behind in increasing these practices. “Official figures show that surgeries in the country are growing at an accelerated rate, which means around 20% per year,” says Fontbona.


In terms of gender, women continue to be the most frequent consultations of certified plastic surgeons in the world, representing 86.2% of all procedures. Fontbona affirms that men in Chile are increasingly open to undergoing some “touch-up,” reaching 20% ​​of all procedures, while in the rest of the world, they represent 13.8% of cases.


For his part, the President of ISAPS, Dr. Renato Saltz, reaffirms what is indicated by the statistics: the requirements of patients for aesthetic procedures are increasing exponentially. “Around the world, we can see how consultation records are broken as a result of advances in technology and new techniques that exist to see and feel better about ourselves.”


The most popular plastic surgery treatments remain, with breast augmentation the most required, since it represents 15.8% of total demand. Liposuction (14%), Eyelid Surgery (12.9%), Rhinoplasty (7.6%), and Abdominoplasty (7.4%) complete the ranking of the most frequent invasive procedures in patients worldwide.


In addition, the report delivered by ISAPS shows that the procedures with the highest growth are Labiaplasty and Torsoplasty, which presented a 45% and 29% increase, respectively.